The Bulova Computron

It was a real surprise to see Bulova bring back the Computron in a form that is not dissimilar to the original from the 1970’s. If you want a timepiece that is unique, this would be a good way to… Read More ›

New stuff: AirPods, Kindle and Watches

Apple today announced new AirPods, the second generation of the world’s most popular wireless headphones. AirPods revolutionized the wireless audio experience with a breakthrough design and the new AirPods build on the magical experience customers love. The new Apple-designed H1… Read More ›

The Tropical Dial Is a Flaw

And with a tropical dial, something sincerely has gone wrong: around the middle of the last century, Rolex primed its dials with a finish that was supposed to protect the watches from sun damage. Bizarrely, it had the exact opposite… Read More ›

Time for a change

In 1913, Ariste Racine and his wife Emma Blatt started a watch manufacturing company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. They named the brand ‘Enicar’. That’s right, that is ‘Racine’ spelled backwards. This seemingly small detail sparked my passion for the brand…. Read More ›

1969 and watches

So many significant world events and developments occurred in the legendary year 1969 that Billy Joel could write a song simply by listing them — hell, he could probably even dedicate a verse to watches. This was the year that… Read More ›

New Eco-Drives from Citizen

Citizen recently unveiled a trio of Eco-Drive divers through the Brycen range, and what makes these three stand out from most of Citizen’s current catalog is that they take on more of a neo-vintage aesthetic than most. At first glance,… Read More ›