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  • The Apple Watch series 5 battery is bad!

    My wife has been building up to run a marathon over the past year and in that time has run 2 half marathons and undertaken many runs of 10+ miles to prepare. One thing that concerned us both is that… Read More ›

  • Famous typefaces

    We encounter Helvetica every day, even if we don’t realise it. This Swiss-made typeface has been prolific since its 1957 creation, becoming the written voice of reliable information and trustworthy directions. Your passage through a network of hospital corridors is… Read More ›

  • Surface Neo

    Microsoft created its own dual-screen Surface Neo device. It runs a new Windows 10X operating system that’s an extension of Windows 10 and designed exclusively for dual-screen and foldable hardware. Like most Surface devices, there’s an intricate hinge that allows… Read More ›

  • Restoring Apple’s iconic design language

    Despite the undeniably powerful photographic capabilities that the newly released family of iPhones has brought with them, we can’t help but miss the iconically minimal and design that its ancestors were famed for carrying! This case aims to restore some… Read More ›

  • What next for Apple News+?

    Apple Launched Apple News+ during its March event, and to say that it has been underwhelming is beyond an understatement. Despite Apple’s promise of 100s of magazines for a low monthly price, rumors suggest that publishers aren’t happy and I’ve… Read More ›

  • Ultra-short attention spans

    Every episode of BBC Two’s darkly humorous State of the Union begins in the same way. A crumbling relationship between Louise and Tom plays out inside a London pub. The two examine their marriage, trade witty barbs about their gnarly… Read More ›

  • Why is the Galaxy Fold even on sale?

    We can’t say the company didn’t warn us. As I noted the other day, Samsung issued a video prior to launch, advising users to “Just use a light touch,” B/W the footnote, “Do not apply excessive pressure to it.” The… Read More ›