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  • A3 pro quick review

    I am using the ‘A3 pro’ name because that is what appears on the battery status panel on my iPhone. I could use the real name of Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones,Touch Headphones with Microphone,Auto Pairing, IPX7 Waterproof HIFI Stereo Headphones,for… Read More ›

  • When I imagine the call, it comes on a landline…

    Recently, after years of not thinking about the phone call I imagined I might receive some day, I thought about it again. I used to torture myself by pretending it was his voice I heard on the line, saying the… Read More ›

  • Are the MP3’s days numbered?

    At the Bristol Hi-Fi Show earlier this year, one announcement stood out. French music-streaming service Qobuz was ditching MP3 and making its high resolution (hi-res) audio streaming cheaper. It’s the first streaming service to drop formats that compromise on quality…. Read More ›

  • Cyber Watch® Case

    In creating the CYBER WATCH®, we were motivated by one ambition. To finally create a sculpture for the Apple Watch that truly represented the ground breaking technology it housed within. After all, a watch that goes above and beyond its… Read More ›

  • Imagining life after covid

    More people spending more time at home could well lead to other changes too. Local shopping districts will benefit from greater footfall. People will have more time available for preparing and cooking food, and will have more disposable income as… Read More ›

  • Learning something new

    Perhaps you’re someone who craves constant learning and upskilling, a regular Hermione Granger who’d happily use a Time-Turner to attend three classes at once. Perhaps you’re someone who feels she could benefit from understanding things a little better, even if… Read More ›

  • Abyss: Read Later review

    There is a natural inclination to buy apps that are complete solutions, that can potentially do the work of other apps and which feel like good value purely on the number of features they have. This makes sense and like… Read More ›