A redesigned London Tube and Rail Map

Visual hierarchy implemented with the lines, tube lines (most frequent) in bold solid colour, other TFL services (less frequent) in a pastel shade with darker border, National Rail services (least frequent) as hollow lines. This draws the attention of the eye towards the busier services and subconsciously suggests the most regular option… More here.

It took a long time, but Luke has managed to greatly improve the map with the most subtle of changes.

Fitbit versa Lite, inspire and Ace 2

Get empowered to make a change and embrace your weight and fitness goals with activity and sleep tracking, calories burned & more on easy-to-use Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR.

Fitbit has announced new trackers which include a versa Lite, the inspire and an Ace 2.

Unfortunately for people like me, and so many others, recent experiences with the accuracy of the latest Fitbit trackers and the complete lack of acknowledgements for the problems from the company mean that it’s highly unlikely we will risk another Fitbit purchase.

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook hits lowest price at $799 (Reg. $1,299)

B&H offers Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook 256GB in select colors for $799 shipped. As a comparison, today’s deal is $500 off and $200 less than our mention earlier this month. It is also the best price that we’ve tracked to date. To sweeten the deal even further, B&H does not charge tax at the time of purchase for shoppers in select states. Apple’s 12-inch MacBook sports a 1.2GHz Intel Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. A Retina display and one USB-C port round out the list of notable specs. This sale is for today only, and frankly a very compelling price on Apple’s most-portable MacBook. Don’t miss this one before it’s gone… More here.

I bought a 2015 MacBook to replace my ageing iMac and it has been brilliant. I swapped sheer power for convenience and use it for everything I used the iMac for. Even the keyboard hasn’t broken on mine (yes really) and for $799 the 2017 version is brilliant value.

Eddie Howe awarded Freedom of Bournemouth

AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has been awarded the Freedom of the Borough for his key role in the club’s rise. The council’s “highest mark of esteem” was granted after he took the Cherries from League Two to the Premier League. Eddie Howe was appointed as Bournemouth’s caretaker manager in 2009 when the club was 91st in the league pyramid and facing relegation and possible liquidation… More here.

This is admittedly not a story that will mean anything to most of you, but for AFC Bournemouth fans like myself he has achieved the impossible. Well deserved.

Apple Music vs. Spotify

An individual Apple Music subscription costs $9.99 per month in the United States, with slight price variations in other countries and territories. Likewise, an individual Spotify subscription or “Premium” plan costs $9.99 per month, with some regional variations. In addition to its paid plan, Spotify also offers a free ad-supported service that allows users to shuffle-play songs, although premium features remain off limits… More here.

This might sound sad, but I don’t use Spotify purely because I don’t like the interface. Visuals aside it is ‘very’ difficult to choose between the two.

Will we ever have a Concorde again?

This remarkable achievement, however, almost never got off the ground. Its origins stretch back to 1956 when Sir Morien Morgan of the Royal Aircraft Establishment started work on “supersonic transports” with a view to taking on America in aerospace innovation. At the same time, France was working on a similar project, but both countries’ efforts came under threat as objections were raised about costs and noise pollution. To salvage their schemes, the two nations signed a treaty: the British Aircraft Corporation and France’s Aérospatiale would work together to make supersonic dreams a reality… More here.

The world really did get bigger when Concorde stopped flying.

The Re:ease

Here’s my desk scenario. I have a pencil holder from Amazon, a stapler from Maped, a hole-punch from Kangaro, and an off-brand planter with a mini succulent in it. It’s a collection of products I love individually, but combine them together and they end up making my workspace look like there’s a whole lot going on. That’s where the problem lies. Desk items aren’t always designed to be a part of a family. They’re just made to be good products that look wonderful on shelves, and perform well enough for you to not have any complaints… and often become a decorative element in your overhead #workspace photo on Instagram… More here.

I kind of like this, I think.

The Tip Off podcast

Welcome to The Tip Off- the podcast where we take you behind the scenes of some of the best investigative journalism from recent years. Each episode we’ll be digging into an investigative scoop- hearing from the journalists behind the work as they tell us about the leads, the dead-ends and of course, the tip offs… More here.

I have only listened to a couple of episodes, but it’s very good so far. Recommended.

£15 for a cup of coffee

A boutique cafe is selling what it claims is the “perfect” cup of coffee — and if the caffeine doesn’t wake you up, the price certainly will.

The coffee from Le Café Alain Ducasse in King’s Cross costs £15 a cup. It is made from coffee beans which are exported in limited quantities from smallholder farmers in war-torn Yemen through military checkpoints.

The coffee, said to combine notes of bergamot orange, cocoa nibs and grape, followed by red berries and honey, is billed by the company behind it as “one of the finest in the world”. More here.

I suspect many people will try one cup of coffee just to see how perfect it is. Not sure there is too much longevity here though.